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3580 Gates Road BC, Kelowna Canada V4T 1A3

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About Sea to Ski Insurance is a boutique insurance company located in Kelowna, British Columbia. For years we’ve been providing insurance services to our clients to make sure their most valuable and prized possessions are covered. Our skilled team of refined representatives is the most equipped in the valley, presenting our clients with the most comprehensive and appealing policies to insure their possessions. We provide insurance policies covering, but not limited to, the following: High Value Homeowners High Value Seasonals Nightly/Weekly Rentals Long-term Rentals Homeowners/Condominium/Tenants Course of Construction (Residential & Commercial) Commercial Buildings & Strata Complexes Boats & Personal Watercraft RV’s & Vehicles Travel As you can see, Sea to Ski Insurance is able to accommodate any of our clients’ needs, making us your ultimate insurance solution in the Okanagan. Call Sea to Ski Insurance today to learn more about how we can help you adjust and improve your insurance policies to receive the most coverage and the best rates possible.